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Before Creating a Product

  1. 1) If there are any new color options you have never used before you will need to create them in the “Attributes” area.  Products >> Attributes
  2. 2) If you’re creating a new catalog you will need to create a new category in the “Categories” section. Products >> Categories
  3. 3) Product images should be roughly 400px X 400px


Creating a Product 

  1. 1) Go to Products >> Add New 

2) Add all product information

  1.  1. Title
  2.  2. Product Description
  3.  3. Product Details (price, sizes, etc.)
  4.  4. Product Image
  5.  5. Catalog (categories)
  6.  6. Publish Item


Product Data Section

If adding a product with several sizes and color options you will add it as a “Variable Product”. Other products will be “Simple Products”.


Adding Variable Products 

  • – Select “Variable Product” from the dropdown menu.
  • – Add SKU number under “Inventory” section.
  • – Add all attributes (sizes and colors) under the “Attributes” tabs.

  • – Under “Variations” tab you will select “Create Variations from all attributes”, all the product combinations will be auto created.

  • – Add the price under each variation.






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